Multipurpose machine

Nova Combi

Seed drill

1 m
Working width
1 cm
Max stone size
1 hp
Power requirement
1 l/min
Need for hydraulics
1 kg/min

Transports width

The overall width of Nova Combi is the same as the working width, 3 or 4 meters.  Nova Combi can easily be transported from one field to another without trouble.

Always accurate seeding depth

Seeding and fertilising depth is adjusted with a large wheel in front of each coulter unit. This wheel also compacts the soil. Since the steering takes place ahead of the coulters, there is enough time to adjust the working depth to match to the soil level variations. Neither the seed furrow of the coulters nor, the driving speed or the filling level of the hoppers have no effect on the sowing depth. The front wheel compacts the soil ahead of the coulter ensuring non-blocking operation and seeding into intact soil.

Large hoppers

The total volume of the Nova Combi easy-to-fill hoppers is over 1,000 litres per one meter of working width. The hopper is divided into two compartments with an adjustable divider wall between them. It is easy to fill the hopper because the filling doors are large (also in the driving direction) and the tarpaulin covers can be rolled open. Sieves for both the seed a


Monitors the rotation of the feed shafts, the emptying of the tanks, controls the markers, makes spraying groves and measures areas. Electronic remote control of fertilizer. Reversing camera: a camera in the tank is also available as an option.


In Nova Combi seeds and fertiliser are fed into the same coulter, but the double-disc solution developed by Tume keeps them apart. Because there are no separate fertiliser coulters and all parts of the double-discs working in the soil rotate, the pulling power requirement of Nova Combi is up to 30 % lower. Low pulling resistance saves fuel up to 5 litres per hectare and if you switch to Nova Combi you don’t necessarily need to upgrade your tractor to a stronger one. The maximum coulter pressure in Nova Combi is sufficient in all conditions, about 200 kg.

Compare Nova Combi models and choose

Nova Combi 3000 Nova Combi 4000
Working width, cm
Hopper capacity, l
3250/4240(XL hopper)
Basic unit weight, kg
Power requirement hp/kw
Double-disc coulters
24 pcs, Ø 360/400 mm
32 pcs, Ø 360/400 mm
-Pressure range, kg
-Runtime weight adjustment
Standard feature with computer
Standard feature with computer
Fertilizer/seed feeder
Fluted rollers, 100 positions
Fluted rollers, 100 positions
–Bottom valves
Adjustable, with springs
Adjustable, with springs
–Feeder usage
Ground wheel on the side of the machine
Ground wheel on the side of the machine
Number of working depth adjustment wheels
– Wheel size
18,5 x 8,50 – 8 AW
18,5 x 8,50 – 8 AW
Support wheels
12 pcs, in groups of two, Adaptive structure
16 pcs, in groups of two, Adaptive structure
–Wheel size
7,50–16 AS
7,50–16 AS

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