Efficient classic


Seed and fertilizer

Large hopper space

Large hopper capacity improves work productivity while less time is needed for filling. Hopper volume and easy to use covers makes filling smooth and fast regardless of filling method. Flat bottom hopper is easy to clean.

Reduced compaction

HKL has large tractor pattern tires as a standard.

Highly accurate feeding system

Tume’s helical feeding rollers are highly accurate, easy to adjust and suitable for all kind of seeds. Feeding units under flat hopper’s bottom eliminates changes to feeding amount in hilly conditions. Feeding units are filled without agitator shaft even with poorly flowing seeds. Cones inside the hopper ensure emptying almost completely even with small seeds. Feeding units are equipped with adjustable bottom valves.

Large feeding adjustment margin

Feeding amount adjustment is easy with a wheel with 100 different positions.

Wide movement range

Seed coulter suspension has a significant effect to succeeding. Coulter pressure can be easily adjusted individually or centralized to all coulters without tools. Their wide movement range allows obstacles to go through without damages and the seeding is perfect even in low spots. Pressure stays stable even the coulter moves up and down. Coulter adapts quickly to soil’s unevenness and seeding is accurate even with low depth and small seeds. Optional hydraulic pressure adjustment allows coulter pressure to be changed during sowing.

Technical data

HKL 2500 S
Working width, cm
Hopper capasity, l
Seed capasity, l
Weight, basic unit, kg
Weight full hopper, kg
Widht, basic unit, cm
Height, cm
Lenght without drawbar, cm
Wheels , size
Number of wheels
Power requirement, kW
Fertilizer coulters, pcs
Seed coulters, pcs
– Pressure, bar
– Connection
1 x 1-function.

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