Kivi-Pekka machinery

Stone picker Disc harrow Roller

Stone picker

Kivi-Pekka stone picker picks up stones efficiently and clears new fields of tree roots and stumps. It can also be used in foundation work for roads, golf courses and landscape development.

Disc harrow

Kivi-Pekka disc harrow in manufactured now at Tume-Agri in Turenki Finland and as a part of new Harrow series is called Harrow D. It is designed for tilling, light tillage and seedbed preparation.

Virgo roller

The Kivi-Pekka seed roller is now known as Virgo and is made in the red color of Tume-Agri. The Virgo roller is designed to work on grasslands and fields which easily gets broken by other roller types. The machine also works well in exceptionally rocky conditions.


The multicultivator’s two cultivation elements — a cultivator and a disc harrow, each with its own depth adjustment — offer operational flexibility.

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