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In addition to designing and building machines, we are keen to know how information about what we do would reach the very people for whom it matters the most. For whom reliable and powerful machines are a value choice, and who are generally interested in what we do. If you use our online form to send a question about, say, the permeability of the Super Nova Combi seed drill coulters or participate in our draw on Facebook, you have provided us with your contact details. We need this information to be able to call you with the right answer to your question or if you are lucky enough to win a prize. We treasure this information and do not disclose it to anyone. Only you yourself have the power to view this data or have it removed.

Cookies for both your benefit and ours website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. These files do not contain any personal data. There are two types of cookies: persistent and temporary. Temporary cookies are stored temporarily and deleted as soon as you quit your browser session. Temporary cookies improve the usability of the website and are deleted at the end of the browser session. The purpose of cookies is that the website retains certain choices (e.g. username and language) for a certain period of time. Cookies also notice whether you are browsing the net with a mobile device, computer or perhaps a smart TV. This allows the page or content to open in the best format for your device. If you wish, you can disable cookies in the browser settings. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer for a long time, sometimes permanently. With persistent cookies, we can see if you are revisiting our site, and can save your settings and preferred pages. Third-party cookies: Third-party cookies (Google Analytics) used or allowed by us monitor network traffic and track the frequency at which our products are viewed.  Similar to our own cookies, these cookies do not collect personal data. Deleting cookies on your device You can delete all cookies on your device by clearing your browsing history. This deletes the cookies set by all websites you have visited. Do note that in this case, you may also lose some of the data you have saved (e.g. saved login information and user settings). Managing site-specific cookies Site-specific cookies can be managed from your browser’s privacy and cookie settings. How to block cookies In most modern browsers, cookies can be blocked by simply disabling them. Do note that disabling means that you may need to customize some settings every time you visit a site or a page. Some services and functionalities may not work properly (e.g. login). We value your privacy.  If you have any questions regarding the matter, please contact us by email at

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