Powerful pre-cultivator


Disc cultivator

1 m
Working width
1 cm
1 hp
Power requirement
1 l/min
Need for hydraulics
1 kg/min

Good maneuverability

The CultiPack features rotating wheels. Thanks to its freely rotating wheels and raising cultivator disks, the machine does not require hoisting during turns or transportation.

Combine freely

The CultiPack disc cultivator can be used independently or connected to the Tume feed and fertilizer drill.

Powerful pre-cultivator

When used in combination with other machines, the CultiPack is a powerful pre-cultivator. The cultivator can mix stubble and straw cuttings into even shallow harrowing layers.

Compare CultiPack features and choose

CultiPack 3000 CultiPack 4000
Working and transport width, cm
Weight kg
Number of discs Ø 457 mm (left/right)
Wheel size
7,00x12 AS
7,00x12 AS
Hydraulic connections
1 pc 2-function
1 pc 2-function
Power requirement, hp/Kw
* 80/57
** 100/75

* Nova Combi 3000 ( Titan 3000) + CultiPack 3000 – From 120 hp / 88 Kw
** Nova Combi 4000 ( Titan 4000 ) + CultiPack 4000 – From 140 hp / 105 Kw

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